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Eyewitness: The Who Johnny Black

Eyewitness: The Who

Johnny Black

Published August 1st 2001
ISBN : 9781842223079
272 pages
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 About the Book 

Despite constant and bitter internal battles, serious drug addictions and the death of legendary hell-raising drummer Keith Moon, The Who have survived - and thrived - into the new millennium, making them probably the worlds longest-lasting rock band. Eyewitness: The Who is a detailed and strictly chronological account of the bands astonishing career, told by the band and other eyewitnesses, including business associates, friends, family and fans. Concentrating on their most exciting and fertile period, from forming through to the death of Keith Moon, it gives as far is is possible a day-by-day account of their bands life - the concerts, the tours, the recording sessions, the filming of Tommy and of course the legendary partying. Separating the facts from the myths is gives a the true story of the drugs, the women and the rows. The book also gives an overview of what happened after Moons death and where the Who are today. Their incredible story has never before been told in such detail, entirely in first-hand, straight from the horses mouth accounts. As he did in Eyewitness Hendrix, rock historian Johnny Black has woven his own brand new interviews with band members and their closest associates together with meticulously researched quotes from previously published books, magazines, fanzines, tv/radio documentaries, websites and more, to create a reading experience which comes as close as possible to being there.