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Demons Story David Baker

Demons Story

David Baker

Published August 31st 2012
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Dan and Denise: man and wife.Everything is going well with Dans writing career and he and Denise have a house together.What could be more perfect?But there is a problem with Dans writing computer. Someone, or something, has hacked into it despite Dans having the internet disconnected.Who or what could have gotten inside?It couldnt be the evil spirit that Dan and Denise left behind in their old house?Or could it?Find out in Demons Story, a new short by David Baker.From Oblique Publishing:David Baker is one of the first authors to be published by Oblique Publishing and has numerous short stories and collections to be released in the coming weeks and months. Life, love, and God are his main passions and favorite topics, but David is not afraid to talk about the darker side of life and spirituality—but to David, good always triumphs over evil.It has been said that David can write his way out of a broken down elevator, though we at Oblique Publishing arent entirely sure what that means.Rest assured, though, that the man can write a good story, and enjoys a quiet life in the Midwest with his wife and cats.