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HELL HATH NO FURY (Jess Williams, #6) Robert J. Thomas

HELL HATH NO FURY (Jess Williams, #6)

Robert J. Thomas

Published November 8th 2013
Kindle Edition
175 pages
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 About the Book 

HELL HATH NO FURY is the sixth in the series of western novels based on the character Jess Williams. In book six, Jess Williams finds out that the only woman he had ever gotten close to has been raped, beaten and murdered by two men. In a rage of fury, he sets out to hunt down the two men responsible.As he does, fate comes into play when Jess meets up with a woman by the name of Annie McCracken, who happened to have been raped by the same two men that Jess is tracking down. Jess is in for one wild ride when he agrees to let Annie McCracken ride with him and find the two men that the both of them are hunting. Jess has never had a woman for a partner and Annie proves to be more than a handful. The wild and sometimes funny banter that takes place between Jess and Annie will keep you turning the pages, but make no mistake, this is yet another action-packed western with lots of lead flying and lots of men dying at the skillful hands of Jess Williams.