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Dying Breath Robert W. Walker

Dying Breath

Robert W. Walker

Kindle Edition
216 pages
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 About the Book 

BREATHLESS DEATHHe felt most alive when he watched them die--writing, breathless, gasping for oxygen that wasnt there. But he could only draw out the pleasure for so long before his victims expired. And then it was time to choose another...AN AIRTIGHT CASEDeath by asphyxiation. Thats what Chicago medical examiner Dr. Dean Grant was forced to conclude by the gruesome evidence before him. Recognizing the work of a serial killer, Grant knew hed have to move fast. The Windy City was in a panic, waiting for him to crack his most bizarre case yet... a case he vowed to solve even if it was with his dying breath...(Approximately 80,000 words. This is the fourth book in the Dean Grant series.)