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H.R.H. Daniel Nyberg


Daniel Nyberg

Published November 19th 2012
Kindle Edition
299 pages
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 About the Book 

How did an aristocrat in his 50s lose his heritage and ancestry? Why was he not informed of his great aunts illness, death, lying-in-state and funeral? Why were his parents forced apart, their marriage disallowed and cancelled? Why was his mother kidnapped? How was Hitler involved? How did his great aunts fight to stop Hitler end? Why, at age six months, was he removed from Europe and his identity changed? How did he lose his birthrights? Why did his father abdicate the throne? Did royal purity parallel Nazism? THIS IS H.R.H.Writing testimonials:-..finally someone who writes with clarity and efficiency. I am bored with over-indulgent egos. Keep bringing me your work, my boy.., Alfred Hitchcock-..your writing is clean, lucid and evocative.., Sir Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland-..write your story Daniel, you need to tell it. You possess the capability. I will help, should you require.., Lord Lichfield-H.R.H. reviews:-..H.R.H. is a most interesting project, indeed.., Lord Attenborough-..the best written book I have ever read. It twists and turns with plots and sub-plots, action and emotion. So tragic a story. After two readings I still felt it offered more.., Ann Scott, retired journalist-..I could not put H.R.H. down. It was riveting. Each paragraph encouraged the next. The ending was totally unexpected. Such incredible loss. I dont remember the government meeting that day but I do remember H.R.H.., Bridget Pastoor, Alberta MLA-..a very powerful, fascinating story with high romance and action. Very strongly recommended.., Kelly Robinson, Director of Theatre Arts, Banff Centre-..I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a fast pace, edge of the seat HRH. Since picking up H.R.H. I cant seem to stop reading. I love his style of writing and more importantly you will identify with his struggle. I would recommend this book to all.., Lasstop Pennula on Google.