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World of Leonardo 1452-1519 Robert   Wallace

World of Leonardo 1452-1519

Robert Wallace

Published January 1st 1966
ISBN : 9780809402342
Loose Leaf
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 About the Book 

I enjoyed the photos & illustrations, some done by Leonardo, others done by other contemporaries, students, & followers. Hes a very fascinating & mysterious man, & there is still a great deal unknown about his life. Sad that so much of his works & notes were lost over time.My fandom with Ninja Turtles practically led me to find out more about their Renaissance master namesakes. Thats probably my main reason for wanting to get into this book, to be honest. So, thanks Eastman & Laird!I started this book ages ago, & had been reading bits & pieces of it on & off. But since I hadnt touched it in so long (bookmarked on page 106), I decided to start over with reading it, so as to mentally catch up.