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Jack and the Wish Factory Peter Allerton

Jack and the Wish Factory

Peter Allerton

Published April 18th 2015
Kindle Edition
49 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jack has never had a wish come true! For his twelfth birthday, he decides enough is enough and while his family cheer and sing happy birthday to him, he secretly wishes that if none of his wishes can come true, then nobody else’s will either!However, Jack’s wish isn’t as secret as he thinks and it soon leads to him becoming involved in a titanic struggle between magical powers, and in the end he must choose which side to take and risk facing the consequences...For ages 7-12, or anybody else who’d like to read it! (14600 words)Here’s an excerpt from Chapter Two:I felt something tugging at one of the sleeves of my pyjamas. I yelled ‘What?’ and leapt out of bed, frantically looking around the room. The curtains were open again, and this time so was the window! I panicked.I was about to call for mum and dad when I felt something pulling at my sleeve once more. I waved my arms about, swinging them at whatever was doing it, and went for the light switch. But just as I did so, something began pulling at my leg too!I wanted to yell as loud as I could but nothing came out – I was too terrified to even make a sound! I desperately tried kicking my legs but it felt like they’d been tied up. Ah, I thought, it’s one of those weird dreams, like when you go to school without your pants on only to wake up still in bed, feeling somewhat relieved. So I waited to wake up but nothing was happening, other than me being pulled right out of my bedroom window!www.peterallertonwriter.blogspot.co.uk