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Sicilian Gold Robert Alvarez

Sicilian Gold

Robert Alvarez

Published October 29th 2013
Kindle Edition
204 pages
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 About the Book 

Mr. Reginni was found dead in the back of his diner. Robert had no real idea why he was killed, but he did suspect. Murder was a way of life, a coffin you saw at a mortuary with a body to view, loved ones in tears over a loss. But he knew the coffin had a hidden compartment and another body was in it. Lepke was murdered for selling drugs and dealing with the Mexican Mafia. These were the Italians, the Sicilian families that came from Sicily to New York, Chicago, New Jersey, and moved west to Nevada. Later moving to Los Angeles would be no different.Robert Alvarezs revealing book Sicilian Gold portrays the mafia in Los Angeles as seen by one of their own. This one-of-a-kind memoir details the exploits of Jimmy the Weasel and Lucky Luciano. Growing up, Robert never thought he would be a part of an organized group of dealers who hated drugs but enjoy the financial gain. Attempting to escape that life of extortion and murder, he joined the Marine Corps. He wanted to be a nice guy. Then he met the woman who changed all that. He loved her, gave her all he had, and stole seven diamonds from her lover. Apprehended by the FBI, Robert was sent to prison for thirteen years, hoping to find the diamonds on his release. Once he was out, closely watched by his parole officer, he stayed clean, determined not to return to prison. Sicilian Gold will open your eyes to LAs mob ties, hijackings, and murders. Discover the untold story of this world by one whose word was as good as Sicilian Gold.